Convert JSON to TOML

Please use the form below to convert your data from JSON to TOML format. Enter your JSON data in the input area and view the corresponding TOML formatted data in the result area.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and TOML (Tom's Obvious Minimal Language) are both popular formats used for storing and transferring structured data. While JSON is commonly used for transmitting data between a server and a web application, TOML files are often used for configuration settings in various software applications.

JSON is a lightweight data interchange format that is easy for humans to read and write. It is primarily composed of key-value pairs and arrays, making it ideal for representing hierarchical data structures. INI files, on the other hand, are simple text files that consist of sections, keys, and values. They are commonly used for storing configuration settings in a human-readable format.

TOML works seamlessly with many programming languages: Its structure is designed to translate directly into a common data format (hash table) used by many programming languages, making it easy to integrate with different systems.