• The correct way of comparing URLs

    When comparing URLs they should not only be compared as strings. URLs hold a structure and data. All aspect of URLs such Encoding, Protocol, Port, Path, Query string content must be looked at. Two URLs that do not match when compared as string can carry the same data.

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  • Tips for choosing the right configuration file format

    When selecting a data format for your configuration files it is important to consider you requirements. To start you should check the syntax. Does it allow clarity? Are comments and multi line texts supported? How popular is this format and what Text Editors and programming languages have support for it. Is it simple for new comers to learn? What about performance?

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  • Limited query string parsing in express, bug or feature?

    If you are using express (3.x, 4.x), be aware that express uses qs for parsing request query strings. By default, the qs package parses a maximum of five levels in nested objects. Also, when parsing arrays qs package parses only 20, any array with members greater than 20 would be converted to an object with indexes as keys.

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